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Annual Membership


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Members are reminded that annual membership subscriptions are due by the end of February every year.

* Please note for 2023, a grace period for settlement of annual membership is until the end of March, however any member whose annual membership has lapsed past the grace period must apply and state to the executive committee the reason for lapse beyond the grace period cut off.

The Executive committee will deliberate on each individual case. If the request to renew is denied, lapsed members must go through the same process of rejoining as a new member. 

For those interested in joining the Shooting Association of Fiji, you will need to familiarize yourself with these provisions, and complete a Membership Application Form, which may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

The completed form, along with required paperwork needs to be physically presented to one of the Association's Executive Committee Members. Click on the “Committee” Tab to obtain the contact details for a committee member.

Applicants are required to obtain a police clearance, be proposed and seconded by two existing Club members, and are subject to acceptance by the Committee at an executive meeting. 

The process will include the review of the Police Clearance as well as any convictions/charges you may have disclosed in your application.

** Note - You are required to disclose any convictions and charges you may have been or are being subjected to, in your application. Where it is noted that you have disclosures, the Executive Committee will deliberate on a case by case basis.

** Note – Applicants who have been deemed by the Fiji Police to be unsuitable to obtain access to firearms due to convictions/charges or have a history of violence or repeated involvement with drugs or been irresponsible with alcohol or have a personal or social relationship with people who may be deemed to be unsuitable to obtain access to firearms or indicates an intent to use firearms for self defence may likewise find it difficult to obtain membership with the Association. This is however assessed on a case by case basis.

** Note - Police Clearance is not required for Spouse and Junior applicants.

By applying for membership, the applicant confirms acceptance of the SAF Rules and Protocols. As a member, the individual confirms continual conformance with SAF Rules and Protocols.

In a case of extreme breach/es, the Executive Committee reserves the right to reject a membership application or cancel a membership without refund and the individual may be banned from the shooting range for a nominated period.

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