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Situated in the heart of Suva, the Vatuwaqa Rifle Range is utilised by the Shooting Association of Fiji to facilitate its shooting activities. The range is approximately 200 metres in length but is normally limited to short distance when being used for Shooting Association purposes.


The Association has the following firearms in its armory available for use by members pending ammunition availability:

  • Morini Olympic Grade .22 Target Pistols

  • Ruger MKII .22 "Target" 10-shot semi-auto pistol

  • Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver

  • Beretta Series 92 10-shot 9mm semi-auto pistol

  • Lanber 12G over-under, break-action shotguns and also has Materelli Throwing Machines for Down the Line and Ball Trap events.

The Shooting Association currently stocks and uses Brand Ammunition including Fiocchi.

The Shooting Association is currently in the process of acquiring 2 smallbore 22LR rifles for use by members during Range Day. 

Members who hold a Fiji Firearms Licence also use their firearms at the range.


Pistol shooting every Saturday from 11:00am
Rifle shooting every Saturday from 01:00pm
Shotgun shooting (DTL & Ball Trap) every Sunday from 11:00am

** Please note that changes may be made from time to time to range timings or closure due to RFMF activities or for other circumstances.

Updates on these changes will normally be posted on the SAF Mobile App, Facebook webpage and you are encouraged to visit the SAF social media for this update.



(Unless otherwise advised. This is normally indicated in "News" Tab)

Mon - Fri:  1000am - 0400pm
Saturday:     1100am - 0230pm
Sunday:        1100am - 0230pm

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